Valerie (70 Pounds Lost)

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Interview: Half Size Me

I am a 47 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls, a wife to a wonderful husband, daughter to great parents, sister to an amazing woman, and a friend to many. Wow, how sappy is that? Sounds like something you would read in an obituary. Well, I have truly been blessed in many aspects of my life. I love my family, my friends, and my job - same company for over 20 years, BUT I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life! I was overweight as a kid and teenager, but I was very active - softball, swimming, biking, tennis, and field hockey. I always had fun at school and when I went away to college. The only aspect of my life that sucks is being overweight. I've never been able to control my eating habits. Kept getting bigger too... topped off at 265 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter at 34.

In my late 30's, I started really focusing on dieting. I did manage to get down to about 210 by cutting out fried foods and sugar. I did WW, Adkins, South Beach. When I turned 40, I did a physician monitored fast and got as down to 148lbs, for like a day! I put my focus on developing an exercise program, but did not focus on my core issue which was my eating. I eventually gained weight back to just over 200lbs. I was on this vicious cycle of being motivated and on track and then being totally off track.  I’d lose 2 lbs., then gain it back.  I would have clean eating days, and then binge days. I did manage to stop my weight gain that had been consistently occurring, but it wasn’t going down.

I took a close look at all aspects of my life to determine how I could change this cycle. I had accepted the fact that I had a binge eating issue and that the major influence fueling this problem was sugar and processed foods. If I could eliminate this issue, I could better focus on losing weight.   On June 8, 2013, I gave up sugar, grains, and processed foods for good!  I have been binge free for over a year.  It motivates me to work out and to strive to improve my performance.  

My vision for lifestyle is to be athletic, passionate, happy and healthy.  I continue to follow a low carb, high fat diet and I run, swim, and bike!  Exercise has been so fundamental in my journey to a healthy lifestyle.  I went from walking to running, added biking and swimming. Since then I've done 7 1/2 marathons, 22 Sprint Tri's, and many 5 and 10 k's. I’m originally from Massachusetts, so I’m really looking forward to running with my team at Ragnar Cape Cod!