The Team - DS

The "Running Down a Dream" Team - Del Sol

Immediately after completing Ragnar Cape Cod, the "Running Down a Dream" team started talking about other events we wanted to do together. Some team members talked about gathering in Milwaukee, others suggested the Indy Mini, but the one that we were most excited about was re-uniting for another Ragnar. One day after Cape Cod was in the books, we had already decided that we wanted to try to get the team together for Ragnar Del Sol 2017.

Unfortunately, injuries, family commitments and other circumstances started eating away at the team. Dani, Dacia, Rudy, Jennifer, Carly and Ashley all had to regretfully decline the invitation to go to Phoenix. Having half our family missing from the team hurts, but it did open the door for some new Ragnarians and a Ragnar veteran from the movie that started it all. Vicky and Valerie had met Teri and Janet as a "From Fat to Finish Line" event and asked them to join our Del Sol team. Rik went looking for people to fill out the team and picked some of the most motivating people from the "From Fat to Finish Line" Facebook group. He picked people not just based on their successful weight loss, but also on the "From Fat to Finish Line" spirit of support, camaraderie and having fun. And one of the last members to join was Jennifer Roe from the "Fat to Finish Line" movie that inspired Bergen, Don and Valerie to create the "Running Down a Dream" team.