The Team

The "Running Down a Dream" Team

The team was formed rather organically. It started with just two people (Don and Bergen) who had seen the trailer to the documentary "From Fat to Finish Line" (which can be seen here).  They were smitten with the idea of replicating what the team in the movie did and decided that they wanted to form their own inspirational team. From there, they contacted other that they knew who had had success in losing weight and were now long distance runners. Bergen asked Valerie to join, and Valerie asked her sister Victoria to join. Don then got in touch with Rik from the team featured in the documentary and asked if he had any idea of who might be willing to join the team. Rik said he did know someone who was interested - himself! During the team's first conference call Rik asked if there was anyone else from the original team that we would like to add. Bergen immediately said Carly as she had a connection with Carly's weight loss story. Rik extended the invitation and Carly accepted. Don reached out to Rudy whom he knew from the weight loss organization they both belong to (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). Also, totally by fluke, one day Don happened by a blog that he was particularly impressed with. He read the bloggers story and was so taken by the blogger's writing, he immediately fired off an invitation to Dacia. Dacia asked if it would be okay to invite her friend Dani who is also a well known blogger and Weight Watchers leader, and so she was welcomed into the team as well. As we were getting closer and closer to filling out the team, we started putting our heads together to figure out who we would like to complete the team. Rik passed on an invitation to his friend Mike while Dacia contacted her friend Ashley, both of whom agreed to join our adventure. And for our last member, we went back to the beginning. There is a "From Fat to Finish Line" Facebook support group that can be found here where anyone can share their victories, and get help reaching their health goals. Rik thought it would be great to extend invitations to some of the more active contributors to the "From Fat to Finish Line" support group and ended up bringing in Jennifer to be our twelfth and final team member. The resulting team is pretty much spread out across the continent, with some on the south-west U.S., some in the midwest, some in the northeast, others in the southeast and one person from central Canada. Given the diverse geography the team is keeping in contact via the internet and some conference calls. What has been amazing is the friendships evolving through the process and how excited the team is to get to meet one another face-to-face.

The team name was something Don thought of as he was creating the team Facebook group way back when it was just he and Bergen. For years Don had hoped, wished and dreamed of losing the weight and being fit and healthy. But it wasn't until he actively pursued that challenge by making changes in his life such as improving his diet and getting more exercise that he was able to achieve his goals. The Tom Petty lyric seemed to fit. No matter how much we hope and wish for the life a healthy body can give us, we won't get it until we run down that dream. Little did Don know when he picked that name that Bergen lives in the town where Tom Petty was born and raised. Bergen is a huge fan of Tom's music and therefore loved the name Don had come up with. As new people joined onto the team, the name never dropped. There were discussions about changing the name, but it stood the test of time. Our dream is to stay strong, active and healthy as long as we can and this team is figuratively AND literally running down our dreams.