Jennifer - DS

(100 pounds lost)

Jennifer struggled with her weight her whole life and spent many years in a constant state of feeling unhappy with her size. Jennifer’s life-long dieting started when she first joined a popular dieting program at 18 years old.

Throughout most of her 30′s Jennifer’s weight hovered around 190 pounds. She wasn’t happy but she hadn’t hit rock bottom. She half-heartedly dieted and continued a cycle of losing a pound and gaining back two. Then, she got pregnant. Pregnancy, gave Jennifer a false sense of freedom to eat whatever she wanted. That freedom came with a high price, massive weight gain and gestational diabetes. It was not the party she quite envisioned. After her son was born she was miserable. Her highest weight registered at 255 and everything hurt. It was hard for her to get in and out of her car and flying became a nightmare. She suffered depression and was fearful of a future that might’ve included diabetes, heart disease and cancer, thanks to her poor choices.

Three months later and with only 15 pounds of “baby weight” gone, she decided to give Weight Watchers one last shot. She vowed that no matter what she wouldn’t give up until she got to goal. The first year Jennifer lost 40 pounds, the second, she stalled at just a 7 pound lost. But she didn’t give up.

In early 2010 Jennifer decided to run. Inspired by a self-help book and at seeing her friend Angela complete a race, Jennifer made a bold decision to sign up for a half marathon. This was a completely radical move for her. She was still fifty pounds over-weight, didn’t exercise and had an aversion to running! But that decision changed the course of her life. Armed with a simple training program and a modest blog documenting her journey, Jennifer headed out on her new life as a runner.

During this time, Jennifer had her fair share of difficulties to deal with. She was raising a toddler with autism, lost her home to financial hardship and experienced a loss of a long-held job. Jennifer soon found that running was her saving grace. Not only did running help with her overall health and weight loss but it provided her with much needed, mind-cleansing, “me-time.” Running genuinely helped ease her depression and helped her to keep things in perspective. Things always seemed better after a run.

Ultimately, running helped Jennifer shed a total of 100 pounds and got her to her goal weight. Continually signing up for races and keeping her eye on finish lines has helped Jennifer to maintain most of her weight loss and most importantly allowed her to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle that now comes second nature. Since that first race, she has participated in countless races including 5Ks, 10ks, half marathons, a full marathon, triathlons and a Ragnar Relay Race.