Janet - DS

(48 pounds lost)

Its a sad simple story... I was married at 21, at 23 lost a child, at 25 got pregnant again, I had a baby my husband decided to have an affair.   It apparently continued after the birth of my son, at the age of one...my husband left us.  So for the last 25 years it has been just Joey and myself.  I worked nights so my parents could babysit, since I no longer could afford day care.   Throughout our divorce, I was threatened to have my house burnt down while I slept, he threatened to lie to the courts about me, or threaten on weekend visitations my son would never return.   Stress was an understatement!!

With all of this happening in my life, I became a nervous wreck and an emotional eater...Food made me feel better or so I thought.  My son was very active growing up, boy scouts, wrestler, lacrosse goalie...so we were on the run a lot.  Fast food became our salvation due to lack of time...it wasn't until April of 2008 ironically the year my son was about to graduate from high school that I decided to join weight watchers....as I started to lose, I started to realize I needed food to live NOT live for food.  Over the next 6 years I had lost 93 lbs, joined a gym had a training group and became a gym fanatic,  I would go to the gym for 4 hour a day training then work at night and start all over again the next day.  It was such an obsession for me I literally burnt myself out.

I took time off from the gym, still eating somewhat clean but found myself falling back into my old ways. Portion control that is...I unfortunately gained 45 lbs back.  I used to run 6 miles in the morning to warm up for Leg Day!!  Now I'm just now getting back to normal gym life...hr to hr half a day, eat clean and just enjoy whatever my life holds for me. I've lost so called friends, but made some great new ones (FFTFL) I'm happy with me, even a lil heavier now...I know ill be able to get it off, maybe not to 93 lbs loss but I realized I don't have to be a size 2 to be happy....I just have to be happy with myself.   I have good days and bad, emotionally and food wise but I have learned tomorrow is a brand new day, a clean slate for me to
make a change in me and I intend to do just that!